Fungal Infection

Fungal Infection

Fungal nail infections, a relatively common condition affecting both toenails and fingernails, are typically caused by dermatophytes, a type of fungi. These fungi thrive in damp and warm environments. Various factors contribute to the development of these infections, including fungal exposure from contaminated surfaces over a period of time, nail trauma, poor foot hygiene, a weakened immune system, ageing, and underlying medical conditions like diabetes or peripheral vascular disease.

Identifying Common Symptoms:
Fungal nail infections manifest in diverse ways, with symptoms varying in severity:

  • Discoloration: Infected nails may change color, often appearing yellow, brown, or green, sometimes accompanied by white patches.
  • Thickening and Distortion: The infected nail may thicken and develop an irregular or distorted shape.
  • Brittleness: Infected nails become brittle, prone to crumbling, splitting, or pitting.
  • Subungual Debris: A buildup of debris may accumulate under the affected nail.
  • Odour: Occasionally, fungal nail infections emit an unpleasant odour.
  • Nail Separation: In advanced cases, the infected nail may partially or completely detach from the nail bed.

Effective Treatment Approaches:
Managing fungal nail infections can be challenging, but early intervention is crucial to prevent further spread and enhance nail health. Treatment options encompass:

  • Topical Medications: Over-the-counter or prescription antifungal creams, lotions, or nail lacquers directly applied to affected nails.
  • Oral Antifungal Medications: Healthcare professionals may prescribe oral antifungal medications in severe cases or when topical treatments prove ineffective.
  • Nail Removal: Surgical removal of the infected nail may be recommended in specific cases to facilitate the application of antifungal medications.

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