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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore common questions about foot care, conditions, and our podiatry services in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section.

What is podiatry?

Podiatry is the assessment, care and management of the feet and lower extremities. Our practice is dedicated to providing exceptional podiatry care, ranging from routine treatments such as addressing nail and skin concerns to in-depth biomechanical assessments. These assessments are essential in identifying underlying issues that may contribute to discomfort or pain, extending beyond the feet into the legs, back, or even the neck.

How do I book an appointment?

Booking Your Visit is easy.
Simply give us a call on 020 8907 1130. If we’re on another line, Leave your name and contact number and one of our friendly team will call you back as soon as we can.
Did you know: We guarantee that we can give you an appointment slot within 48 hours. What’s more, we will always aim to get you seen within 24 hours!
You can also visit our Contact Page for additional contact options and location details. We look forward to helping you on your journey to healthier feet!

Can I claim via my Insurance?

Yes. All of our Podiatrists are fully HCPC Registered. As a result, most major healthcare providers cover our services. Please be advised that as with all healthcare/medical treatments, some insurance exclusions including dressings, medications, and certain orthotics may apply.

At The Arch Foot Clinic: All essential dressings are included as part of our medical care and we will never charge our patients extra for them.

Please be advised that The Arch Foot Clinic is unable to act as an intermediary with your insurance company. For any inquiries related to your policy's coverage, we recommend reaching out directly to your insurance provider in advance of your appointment.

If you are an AXA policyholder, it's worth noting that coverage for podiatry treatment may need a referral from a consultant. We strongly advise verifying this information with AXA, as individual policy terms can vary.

What should I expect during a consultation?

Medical History Review: Our experienced podiatrist will kickstart the process by engaging in a comprehensive discussion of your medical history. This includes delving into your existing medical conditions, past surgeries, allergies, and current medications. This thorough review provides us with essential insights into your overall health.
Foot Health Assessment: Following the medical history review, our podiatrists will conduct a meticulous assessment of your feet and lower limbs. This involves a visual examination of your feet, skin, and nails, along with an evaluation of their alignment. During this examination, we actively search for signs of injury, deformities, infections, or any other foot-related concerns.
Discussion of Concerns: We value your input. During the assessment, you'll have the opportunity to openly discuss any specific foot problems or concerns you've been experiencing. Your insights play a crucial role in tailoring our approach to your unique needs.
Treatment Recommendations: Based on the comprehensive assessment findings, our podiatrist will engage in an in-depth discussion with you regarding any necessary treatments or additional diagnostic tests, if required. We believe in transparency and will provide clear guidance on the next steps in your foot health journey.
Education and Prevention: Beyond treatment, our podiatrist is committed to empowering you with the knowledge you need to maintain healthy feet. We offer valuable education on foot care and prevention strategies, ensuring you have the tools to support your foot wellness.

What Services Does Your Clinic Offer?

At our clinic, we provide a range of podiatry services tailored to your needs:

Initial Consultation: A thorough evaluation of your foot health and medical history.
Routine Podiatry/Chiropody: Expert care for common foot issues such as nail care, callus, or painful corns.
Diabetic Foot Care: Specialised care to maintain healthy feet for diabetics.
Verrucae Treatment: Effective solutions for these common skin lesions.
Biomechanical Assessment: Identifying and addressing issues affecting gait and posture.
Ingrowing Toenail Management: Relief from discomfort and infection prevention.
Fungal Skin/Nail Treatment: Advice and treatment to prevent the recurrence
Custom Orthotics: Orthotics designed for pain relief and posture correction.

Ready to prioritise your foot health? Visit our Services page for more details.

How Long Does a Typical Appointment Last?

Initial & Routine - Appointments typically last upto 30 minutes
Nail Surgery - 60 minutes
Biomechanical Assessments
- 60 minutes

What Are Orthotics, and How Can They Help?

Orthotics are custom-made insoles designed to provide support, alleviate pain, and improve foot function. They can help by:

- Correcting gait and posture issues.
- Relieving foot and ankle pain.
- Supporting the arches and distributing pressure evenly.
- Preventing or addressing foot conditions.

What kind of orthotics do I need for my feet?

Orthotics are not a one size fits all product. Our custom orthotics will be dependent on your foot type i.e. flat feet or high arched. Your biomechanical assessment will ascertain the correct prescription for you.

Discover more about our Orthotics services and how they can benefit you on our Orthotics Service page.

When should I see a Podiatrist?

You should consider seeing a podiatrist if you experience:

Persistent Pain: Don't ignore ongoing foot pain or discomfort. It can be a sign of underlying issues that need attention.
Ingrown Toenails: If you have painful ingrown toenails or recurrent infections, a podiatrist can provide relief and prevention.
Foot Deformities: Conditions such as bunions, hammertoes, or flat feet may require expert evaluation and treatment.
Sports Injuries: Any sports-related foot or ankle injury should be assessed by a podiatrist for proper healing.
Diabetes: Regular foot check-ups are crucial for diabetics to prevent complications.
Skin or Nail Changes: Changes such as discoloration, growths, or skin conditions warrant professional assessment.
Difficulty Walking: If walking becomes painful or challenging, it's time to consult a podiatrist.
Foot Numbness or Tingling: These sensations can indicate nerve issues that require attention.
Persistent Swelling: Long-lasting swelling in the feet or ankles may indicate circulation or other problems.
Age-Related Foot Changes: As we age, our feet may undergo changes that benefit from podiatric care.

At the Arch Foot Clinic, our podiatrists are here to address these concerns and more. Contact Us to ensure your feet receive the care they deserve for a healthy, pain-free life.

Is foot pain normal as we age?

Contrary to common misconceptions, foot ache is not an inevitable part of ageing. While some age-related changes may affect your feet, persistent pain should not be dismissed as normal.

If you experience foot pain that hinders your daily activities, mobility, or quality of life, it's essential to seek professional help. If you have concerns or questions about foot health related to ageing, we're here to help.

Please visit our Contact Page to get in touch with our expert podiatrists for guidance and assistance.

How can I prevent common foot problems?

Maintaining good foot health is essential. Here are some tips to prevent common foot problems:
- Choose comfortable, supportive footwear.
- Practise good hygiene and nail care.
- Keep your feet dry and moisturised.
- Maintain a healthy weight and stay active.
- Inspect your feet regularly for changes.
- Don't ignore foot pain; seek professional help.

Can you treat ingrown toenails?

Yes, ingrown toenails can be treated. Treatment options include:
- Conservative care to relieve pain temporarily.
- Partial/Total Nail Avulsion: Permanent surgical removal of the affected portion of the nail.

Our expert podiatrists can assess your condition and recommend the most suitable treatment. Learn more about ingrown toenail treatments on our Ingrown Toenails page.

If you have questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to Contact Us for guidance and appointments.

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